16 Sep 2014

Välkommen till Tiny Museum!

Hello everyone and welcome to the first entry of my new Tiny Museum!

I am very happy to finally update this blog where I'll write about what's happening during my days in Stockholm. A few weeks back I got the great news that I was going to start my internship with the interior stylist Sara Garanty, and sometimes the team of Design Galleriet which includes Stefan Nilsson and Åsa Lagerwall. Working there is going to be so exciting! Until now very different things have been happening around the studio, I want to show small portions of that. Everyone here is very active and connected to the latest in interior and object design. If you want to know more about us and what we're doing I'd love you to follow me here on Tiny Museum!

The first week started with a great shoot at Erik Halldéns summer place. For this project we took our tiny objects from Betong Gruvan and Svensk Tenn and styled the interior of the green house that Erik has in his beautiful garden. Picking flowers around the garden was my favorite task! Working together with Sara and the photographer Christian Göran was inspiring and the outcome was amazing. I will show more images and info as soon as the photos are published.

Here you have a sneak peek, some pictures I took during my day in the sun.

Erik's blog : www.lyriskaerik.com

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